Greater Noida Property Tax Payment: How to Pay Noida Flats/ House Tax Online

Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is located in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Noida as a city is characterized by well-planned urban infrastructure and urban amenities. The citizens of Noida have a legal and social obligation to pay the property tax on time. Timely paying property tax has a positive influence on the property value. Good and well-maintained Urban Infrastructure can lead to property appreciation in a given area. To know more about Greater Noida Property Tax Payment including How to Pay Noida Flats/ House Tax Online, kindly go through the complete article below.

Greater Noida Property Tax Payment Online

In Noida the tax is calculated annually and as per the location of the property. As for homeowners, they must have a clear understanding of how the property tax is calculated. The calculation of the property tax in Noida is based on the value of the property which is set by the local administration. It is thereby determined by various factors like location, age, and the type of property whether it is commercial or residential. It is also determined whether the property is under construction property or the property is on a leasehold. The formula to calculate tax in Noida is given below;

  • Property Tax in Noida => Property Value multiplied by Property Tax Rate in Noida / 100.
  • Property Tax can be paid either online or offline mode of Payment.

Steps to Pay Noida Property/ House/ Flats Tax via Online Mode

The Noida authority provides an online Portal for property tax payments. Following are the steps below for online mode of payment:-

  1. First, navigate to the official website i.e. Noida Property Tax Payment, How to Pay Noida Flats-House Tax Online
  2. Scroll down and Go to Citizen Interface and then click on “Apply online for Property Related Services”.
  3. Register yourself if you don’t have a login ID and password and fill in the required credentials.
  4. Once it is done login with your username id and password.
  5. Enter the details of the property and choose the period of payment.
  6. Payment can be done via debit or credit card or Net Banking.
  7. The Property tax is valid for 1 year.

Nagar Nigam Noida House Tax Payment via Offline Mode

One can visit the designated banks Noida Municipal Corporation office or designated collection center which are authorized by the Noida authority. One should obtain the property tax form and fill in the required information like property ID and address. The payments can be done through Cash or by demand draft.

Other Modes of payment include Mobile apps one can check if there are any authorized mobile apps where one can make the payment. In some instances, even property camps are organized by the Noida tax authorities wherein the property owners can seek assistance and help while paying the tax.

Tax Exemptions in Greater Noida Property Tax Payment

Noida Municipal Corporations has exempted certain sections of Society from paying Property Tax including.

  • Physically Challenged Person.
  • Senior Citizens, Army personnel, Fire brigade, and Police Personnel.
  • Owners of education institutions and agricultural land owners.

The Noida Municipal Corporation can impose hefty fines and penalties if property tax is not paid on time. A fine of up to 20 percent can be imposed it can also sometimes cause delays in selling their property as any potential buyer will rightfully ask for tax receipts.

Important Note:- The State Government has decided to revise the rules for the calculation of property tax for the Financial year which will be implemented by the 1st week of July 2024.

How to Pay Nagar Nigam Noida Property/ House Tax Online


Noida Property taxes are usually paid annually or semi-annually. The Municipal authority sometimes keeps on revising the rules so property owners need to keep themselves updated regarding any changes. It is also advisable to check with the local authorities or consult any experienced tax expert. The Noida tax authority has simplified the Process for paying taxes by paying online as well as offline payments. Paying property tax is a commitment toward the growth and welfare of the community.

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