NOIDA Property Tax Payment Online: How to Pay Nagar Nigam Noida House Tax, Payment Receipt

Noida City is located in Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. It is also called a Satellite city of Delhi. Property tax is the amount paid by the land owner to the local government or Municipal Corporation of his area. Property tax is a significant aspect of homeownership and Real estate investment. The Property would include Tangible assets like an office building or house. To know more about NOIDA Property Tax Payment Online along with the How to Pay Nagar Nigam Noida House Tax, kindly go through the complete article below.

NOIDA Property/ House Tax Payment Online

Property Tax receipt plays a very important role when someone applies for a home loan It forms a significant source of income for the development of civic bodies. The revenue collected from these taxes is utilized for the maintenance of civic amenities like roads, sewage systems, gardens, etc. thereby contributing to the maintenance and development of that area by regularly paying these taxes. For the owner In Noida Property tax is thereby calculated as per the annual assessed value and location of the property.

Main Features of Property Tax in Noida;

  1. It is calculated on the built-up Area.
  2. Utilized for the maintenance of Civic Amenities.
  3. It Forms a Percentage of the Market Value.
  4. Payment can be done both Online and Offline both.
  5. Taxes are paid Annually.

Procedure to Pay Nagar Nigam Noida Housing Tax Online

The process to pay Nagar Nigam Noida Housing Tax online is simple. Before paying the tax online one needs to Calculate the tax also this can be done by using the property tax calculator provided by the Noida Authority on their official Website. Similarly one can also use the formula below.

Property Tax in Noida = (Property Value multiplied by Property Tax Rate in Noida/ 100

NOTE – Payment Can be done through Online and Offline Mode.

Offline Mode of Property/ House Payment in Nagar Nigam Noida

To make the payment offline one has to visit the Noida authority office or authorized  Banks designated to collect the payment. Fill in the required form with Accurate property and payment details. Submit the form along with the payment to the officials. Payment can be done through Cash/DD/Challan. Once payment is done collect the payment Receipt.

NOIDA Property Tax Payment Online - How to Pay Nagar Nigam Noida House Tax, Payment Receipt

Online Mode of Property/ House Payment in Nagar Nigam Noida

  1. Visit the official website i.e.
  2. Scroll down and click on Apply Online for Property Related Services.
  3. Once you click on that, register yourself by filling in the required details then log in with your Username and Password.
  4. To know the amount of housing tax enter the details of the property and then choose the period of payment.
  5. Payment can be done through Debit/Credit or Net Banking. The Tax paid is valid for 1 year.
  6. Keep a copy of the receipt for Payment for future records.

Payment Through Mobile Apps

Some Mobile apps also provide property tax payment services. One has to check from time to time about the update by the Noida authority.

Tax Exemptions for Certain People and Industry

Certain sections of People are exempted from paying the housing tax.

They Include;

  1. Agriculture land owners.
  2. Ex Defense Personnel like the Army, Navy, Fire Brigade, and Others.
  3. Educational Institute Owners.
  4. Senior Citizens and Specially abled Citizens.
  5. Property used for Religious and charitable purposes.

It is however advisable to periodically check with regards to the update on tax emptions.

Penalty for Non-Payment of Taxes

It is the responsibility of the Property Owners to pay the taxes timely. The heavy penalty is imposed on People who fail to pay taxes on Time. Penalties up to 15 to 20% will be imposed on people who fail to pay the tax on time. Owners who fail to pay the tax on time might find it difficult to sell their property as the buyer would check the receipt for the same.

One needs to remember that by paying their tax periodically they are fulfilling their responsibility as a property owner and contributing to the growth of Noida.

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