Vizianagaram Municipal Corporation Property Tax Payment Online, House Tax Receipt Download

Vizianagaram, also known as Vijayanagaram, is a city and the headquarters of the Vizianagaram district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Municipal Corporation is responsible for the Collection of Property/ House Tax for Vizianagram. The Property tax is therefore calculated on certain parameters such as plinth area, zonal location of the property, construction type, Age of the property, and other Parameters. The Town planning department of the ULB provides property details like status and modifications. Now let’s look at How the Property Tax is paid Online in Vizianagaram MC and download the house tax receipt.

How to Pay Vizianagaram MC Property Tax Online?

Below check the process to pay Vizianagaram MC Property/ House Tax Payment Online:-

  1. Navigate to the official Web Portal By clicking on the link here
  2. Once you reach the main page click on the Online Payment Icon button.Vizianagaram Municipal Corporation Property Tax Payment Online, House Tax Receipt Download
  3. Then Click on the “Property Tax Payment” button.
  4. Once you reach the next page select District as Vizianagram and then select Corporation and select payment type Property tax.
  5. On the Next page Enter Your Assessment number, Old Assessment Number, and Owner Name, and then Click on Search.
  6. Next page you will be able to view your Property tax details.
  7. Click on the Online Payment option button. You can choose the preferred mode of payment either by Debit, Credit Card, or any other online mode of Payment, and then make the payment.

How to Download House Tax Receipt for Vizianagaram Municipal Corporation?

  • Go to the same official website of Property Tax, Commissioner & Director of Municipal Corporation, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Once you reach the main page Click on the Online Services Button icon.
  • Then Click on the Property tax button and next Click on Know your Dues.
  • Next Page select the district as Vizianagaram and Municipal Corporation.
  • On the Next page Enter Your Assessment number, Old Assessment number, and Owner Name, and then Click on Search.
  • Your current dues and completed transaction details will be displayed on-screen. You can download your bill or screenshot the receipt for future reference.

Mutation of Property in Vijayanagaram Municipal Corporation

Mutation of Property can be described as the transfer or change of title entry in revenue records of the local municipal corporation. The change of ownership of property can be due to several reasons death or subsequent transfer of ownership due to inheritance or succession.

This is how to pay fees for the Mutation of Property:-

  1. Navigate to the official website of CDMA at
  2. Next, Click on the Online Payment option on the Main Home page.
  3. Scroll down and Click on Property Mutation Fee.
  4. Select the district as Vizianagaram and select your Municipal Corporation.
  5. Then Select payment type Property Mutation Type.
  6. Next page Enter your Application Number or Assessment Number and Click on Pay Fee.
  7. Once you pay your Mutation Property fees you can download the receipt for the same.

Property Tax Calculation

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is the responsible authority which levies property tax on the government. The tax percentage can vary between 0.10% and o.50% of the CV for residential buildings. The rate ranges between 0.2% and 2% for nonresidential buildings.

The calculation of Property Tax can be defined as follows.

Annual Rent Value Property Tax Rate
Rs 600 No Property tax
Rs 601-Rs 1200 17%
Rs 1201- Rs 2400 19%
Rs 2401 to Rs 3600 22%
Above Rs 3600 30%


Property tax percentage differs from state to state but certain types of property owners enjoy rebates on the overall Property Tax liability. Certain exemptions are provided to certain property establishments like Religious organizations, Educational institutes, Agriculture Properties, Families of defense personnel, and a few others. The Property tax payment is collected from the First half year April 1 to September 30 and the from second half year from October 1 to March 31st.

Anantapur Municipal Corporation Property/ House Tax Online Payment

The Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) of Andhra Pradesh is the main governing body for the Collection of Property tax for Vizianagaram. Property owners must grasp the payment process and utilize methods to ensure compliance. Paying property tax online facilitates the residents and fosters a harmonious urban environment in the state.

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