Vadodara Municipal Corporation Property Tax Online Payment, Receipt Download

Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) was established in July 1950 under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act in the year 1949 with the sole aim of looking after the Civic infrastructure and administration in the City of Vadodara. Property Owners are liable to pay the Property/ house tax for Vadodara Municipal Corporation. The Money Collected from the Property tax is used to fund various projects in the city. The funds used are thereby utilized for various infrastructure projects including pumping and draining projects and other useful projects. Now let’s see what is the Process to Pay Property Tax Online for Vadodara Municipal Corporation along with self-assessment of the property, calculation, and receipt download process.

How to Pay Property Tax Online for Vadodara Municipal Corporation?

Below check the steps for property/ house tax online payment:-

  1. Navigate to the official website of Vadodara Municipal Corporation by clicking on the link here =>
  2. On the Homepage under the Citizen Services Button, Click on the “Property Tax” Icon.Vadodara Municipal Corporation Property Tax Online Payment
  3. Next Step enter Your Census Number and then Click on the Search Button.
  4. Now you will be able to see the amount of Property Tax you need to pay.
  5. You can complete the Payment by using a debit or credit Card or any other mode of payment.

Steps to Download VMC Property Tax Online Payment Receipt

  • Go to the same official portal at
  • On the web homepage, click on the “Property Tax” option under citizen services.
  • Once You Reach the next page Click on the Download Receipt Button on the Right hand side of the Page.
  • Enter Your Census Number and then Click on the Search Button.
  • You be then able to see your Property tax Payment bill.
  • Download the Receipt copy and take the Print for the same.

Self Assessment of Property Tax in Vadodara Municipal Corporation

The Self Assessment Property tax is paid for a particular financial year-end. There is no specific Timeline for the payment of the assessment of Property tax. The best time to pay self-assessment tax is to pay as early as possible without waiting for the tax return filing date to avoid payment of interest on the tax amount.

Now let’s look at how to Calculate Self Assessments Property tax for Vadodara MC:-

  1. First, visit the VMC official website by clicking here.
  2. Then click on the ‘Self Assessment’ button on the extreme right of the homepage.
  3. On the next page, you have to enter all the relevant details like Latitude, Longitude, Ward, Type of Building, and other Relevant details and then click on the Calculate button.
  4. You will be able to see all the required details for Self Assessment of Property Tax.

Calculate Property Tax for Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC)

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Property Tax is dependent on various factors which include the Annual Rate, Location Factor, Age Factor, Usage Factor, and Occupancy Factor. The Annual Rate for Residential Properties is Rs 16 per sqm and Rs 30 per sqm for Commercial Properties.

Now let’s Calculate the Property Tax based on the Location factor:

Category Residential Property per sqm Commercial Property per sqm
A 1.25 1.50
B 1.00 1.25
C 0.57 1.00

Age Factor:

Property tax is also determined by the Age factor new properties have a high Property tax compared to the older ones.

Age of Property Age factor
Less than 20 years 1.00
20-40 years 0.75
40 Years and More 0.50

Usage Factor:

Type of Property Usage factor
Independent Bungalow 1.25
Row Houses 1.00
Urban Residential Houses 0.75
Vacant Plot 0.50
Ex Defense Personnel 0.25

Occupancy Factor:

The calculation for Property tax also depends on whether the property is occupied by the owner or its tenants.

Occupants Occupancy factor
Owner 1.00
Tenants 1.25


Vadodara MC Property/ house tax payment is easy and very convenient to use. Payment is accepted in the form of bank transfers as well as UPI/ Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Non-payment of VMC property tax on time might result in a late fee of up to 18% of the initial amount alongside notice charges. For more details visit,

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