Property/ House Tax Payment Online, Know Your Property Tax Due

The Directorate of Municipal Administration is the nodal department that is responsible for the coordinating and supervisory functions of all the Municipal Corporations in the state of Tamil Nadu except Chennai. Mr Thiru Sivarasu is the Director of the Municipal Administration of TN. It consists of 20 Municipal Corporations and 138 Municipalities under the Administrative control of the Directorate of the Municipal Corporation. Apart from the Property tax collection the Municipality is also in charge of Water Supply, Infrastructure and Road Development, and Under Ground Drainage Scheme. If you’re willing to file Property/ House Tax Payment Online or Want to Know Your Property Tax Due, kindly go through the complete article below. Property/ House Tax Payment Online

Now paying property or house tax is easy and convenient as there is an online portal for this. Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (நகராட்சி நிர்வாக ஆணையரகம்) is a civic body which is responsible to collect property tax or other taxes in Tamil Nadu state. The total area under the Corporations (except Chennai Corporation) is 1278.34 sq. km. which constitutes 9.38 % of the total urban area of the State.

Please find the process for how to pay the Property Tax Online in Tamil Nadu;

  1. Click on the official website link =>
  2. On the Home page log in with your Registered mobile number, Password, and Captcha Property-House Tax Payment Online, Know Your Property Tax Due
  3. In case you have not Registered yourself Click on “New User Registration”.
  4. Then enter your full name under the Citizen Name box and then select the Municipal Corporation Name.
  5. Fill in all the details in the Application form and towards the end of the page Click on the Submit button.
  6. You will receive the password and log in again with your registered Mobile number.
  7. After successfully Login, you can proceed with the payment part either by using a debit or Credit card.
  8. On the receipt, you can see your Payment ID number.

Steps to Download Property Tax Payment Receipt

If you need to Download or Print Property/ House Tax Payment Receipt please find the steps below:

  • Visit the same official web page i.e.
  • On the Home Page click on the Payment Verification Status for Department use.
  • On the next page Enter your payment ID number then scroll down click on the Action button and select Print.
  • You can see your Tax invoice Receipt.
  • Save the Print copy for future use.

As a property owner, it is essential to maintain and organize the Print receipt of your Property Tax information. Property tax record plays a significant role in managing your tax obligations, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and providing documentation for potential audits.

Importance of TN Property/ House Tax Payment Receipt

1) Tax Regulations Compliance;

To Comply with the tax authorities it is very important to maintain proper property tax records. One can easily access the necessary information and stay compliant by organizing records such as property assessments, tax payment receipts, and correspondence with tax authorities.

2) Documentation for Audits and Disputes;

Well-organized property Tax records simplify tax preparation and reporting. For example, accessing information for deduction and accurately assessing your property.

3) Documentation for Audits and Disputes:

Organized Property tax records are very crucial during audits and disputes. They act as proof in case of any legal issues. These Property tax records facilitate the resolution of any tax-related issues that may arise.

4) Long Term Financial Planning;

Well-maintained property tax records or receipts support Long-term Financial planning. By tracking your Property tax history you can anticipate changes in assessments and tax rates, incorporating future tax obligations into your financial plans. In addition to this analyzing your property tax expenses with organized records also allows you to identify potential saving opportunities such as tax deductions or exemptions. Know Your Property/ House Tax Due

If you want to check your past tax invoice receipt please follow the following steps;

  1. Click on the same official web page i.e.
  2. On the Home page click on Assessee history.
  3. Click on the year you wish to see, enter your Old or New Assessment number, and Select your Municipality.

To make the payment offline the applicant has to visit the following address below and submit all the relevant property details. Payment can be made through cheque or dd. The complete address and contact details are given below.

  • Directorate of Municipal Administration,
  • 75, Urban Administrative Building, Santhome High Road,
  • MRC Nagar, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai – 600028.
  • 044-29864447, 044-29864453

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