Rourkela Municipal Corporation File Property/ House Tax Return Online, Receipt

Rourkela is a planned city located in the Northern district of Sundargarh of Odisha. Property tax is a direct tax imposed on real property and is a significant source of income for the local government. The taxation system requires the owners, lessees, or occupiers of the property to pay the tax that is calculated on an annual basis. It is the third largest city in Odisha after Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack. The city is divided into 3 corporations i.e. Rourkela Municipal Corporation, Rourkela Development Authority, and Rourkela Smart City Limited. If you want to know more about Rourkela Municipal Corporation File Property/ House Tax Returns Online through the online portal and payment receipt, kindly go through the complete article below.

Rourkela Municipal Corporation Property Tax Payment

Let us tell you that “Rourkela Municipal Corporation” was declared a Municipal Corporation in November 2014. The civic body is responsible for the Civic infrastructural needs of the citizens. The Calculation of Property tax is calculated as follows.

Annual Rent Value = Annual Rental Value per square feet X Total Buildup Area ( in square feet)

Different Categories of Building and Annual Tax Rates;

Residential Buildings Rs 2,000 square feet
Small Commercial Establishment Rs 5,000 per square feet
Medium Size Commercial Establishment ( Nursing home, Hotel and Lodging) Rs 7,000 per square feet.
Large Size establishment ( Bank, Show Rooms) Rs 10,000 per square foot.

How to File Rourkela MC Property/ House Tax Return Online?

  1. Navigate to the official web portal of Rourkela Municipal Corporation i.e.
  2. Log in to the website or register on the login page.
  3. On the main homepage, click on the “RMC Services” button and then click on “Holding Tax Payment”.Rourkela Municipal Corporation File Property-House Tax Return Online @rmc.nic
  4. Once you log in by entering your registered mobile number on the Page. Please Select View Demand/ Payment Option from the given option.
  5. On the next page please enter the details like the Primary Holding number of the online holding form and hit Search to get a display about the current status.
  6. Select the payment option and proceed with the payment option by completing the payment process by using a debit/credit card or any other mode of Payment.
  7. Last step Download the receipt and take the print for the same.

How to Calculate Property Tax Manually in Rourkela MC?

Property Owners can also calculate the Tax by Following the steps below for Residential Properties;

  1. The plinth area of the holding is square Meters x Rs 13.65.
  2. Deduct 15% of the preceding value towards repair and maintenance.
  3. Add 0.5% of the land cost where the holding is located.
  4. A holding tax of 20.5% of the Annual Value is levied which includes a Latrine Tax -of 2.5% and a Street Light -of 5%

Commercial Property Tax calculation is calculated as follows;

  1. Add the civil cost of the building + the Cost of PH and Electric fitting.
  2. Take 7.5% of the arrived value.
  3. Add 0.5% of the land cost with the previous value.
  4. The Holding tax payable per annum is 20.5 %.

Rourkela Nagar Nigam Property Tax Offline Mode of Payment

If someone wants to pay Property/ Holding Tax through an offline mode of payment the applicant has to visit the respective Municipal Corporation office with the property tax card. Based on the amount mentioned in the invoice tax receipt the taxpayer has to make the payment by either cheque/ Demand Draft in favor of the department. Once the payment is completed the applicant needs to Collect the payment Slip from the counter. It will just take 1 day to complete the process. You will also have to carry a few documents along with you Such as an Aadhar Card, Property card, and other details.

  • 6RCQ+HXC, Udit Nagar, Rourkela Odisha – 769012
  • Mobile Number: 0750 – 48 68329


It is important to file Property Tax Returns on Time to avoid penalties. Property tax applies to all Commercial as well as Residential buildings. But there are certain exemptions to this rule. Hospitals and Nursing homes, NGOs, and Educational institutions are some of the places that are exempted from paying property tax.

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