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Rishikesh Nagar Nigam also known as the Rishikesh Municipal Corporation is the local government body of Rishikesh city. Rishikesh also spelled as ‘Hrishikesh’ is a city near Dehradun in the Dehradun district of the Indian state Uttarakhand. The Rishikesh Municipal Corporation consists of 40 wards. It’s spread over an area of 11.5 km2 (4.4 sq mi). In the Rishikesh Municipality, the major tax revenue is driven by, the Property Taxes, which is collected by the Rishikesh Nagar Nigam. If you are a citizen of Rishikesh and owner of the property or real estate, then you have to pay the Property Tax. Here, we have shared the complete details of the Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property/ House Tax Payment Online at @nagarnigamrishikesh.com. Read this article for more details.

Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property/ House Tax Payment

As well know, Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property/ House Tax Payment is paid by the Home & Property Owners for owning a piece of property in the locality of Rishikesh City. The property tax is collected by the Rishikesh Nagar Nigam. Property Tax has to be paid for land, residents, and commercial properties under the jurisdiction of Rishikesh Municipal Corporation. The Rate of the Property tax varies depending on the type of property. Property tax is a major Tax revenue source of any Municipal Corporation of this city in India. The Municipal Corporation collected the Property tax as per the guidance of the State Government.

Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property/ House Tax Payment Online @nagarnigamrishikesh.com
Image: Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property/ House Tax Online Payment

Additionally, Property- House Tax collection is used for the development across the city. The Municipal Corporation or Local Civic Body authorities are responsible for the infrastructure development of the city. Property taxes & other services tax collection are used for the combined intention of the welfare of the city. The Rishikesh Nagar Nigam Property- House Tax is paid by the online or offline method. Now, the residents and property owners of Rishikesh can pay the Property Tax Online at @nagarnigamrishikesh.com.

The Property taxes in the city of Rishikesh Varioses, depend on the factors given below-

  • Unit Usage Type
  • Occupancy
  • Type of Building
  • Plot Size
  • No. of Floors
  • Construction Date / Year

Rishikesh Municipal Corporation Ward List

S. No Ward Name Ward No LGD Code
1 Rishikesh (MB) – Chandreshwer Nagar Ward No.1 1 73077
2 Rishikesh (MB) -Triveni Colony Ward No.2 2 73078
3 Rishikesh (MB) -Durga Mandir Ward No.3 3 73079
4 Rishikesh (MB) -Bhairav Mandir Ward No.4 4 73080
5 Rishikesh (MB) -Pushkar Mandir Ward No.5 5 73081
6 Rishikesh (MB) -Aadarsh Gram Ward No.6 6 73082
7 Rishikesh (MB) -Mayakund Ward No.7 7 73083
8 Rishikesh (MB) -Bharat Mandir Ward No.8 8 73084
9 Rishikesh (MB) -Mukharji Marg Ward No.9 9 73085
10 Rishikesh (MB) -Sadanand Marg Ward No.10 10 73086
11 Rishikesh (MB) -Ashutosh Nagar Ward No.11 11 73087
12 Rishikesh (MB) – Pragati Vihaar Ward No.12 12 73088
13 Rishikesh (MB) -Valmiki Nagar Ward No.13 13 73089
14 Rishikesh (MB) -Subhas Nagar Ward No.14 14 73090
15 Rishikesh (MB) -Maniram Marg Ward No.15 15 73091
16 Rishikesh (MB) -Tilak Marg Ward No.16 16 73092
17 Rishikesh (MB) -Ganga Vihaar Ward No.17 17 73093
18 Rishikesh (MB) -Shantinagar Ward No.18 18 73094
19 Rishikesh (MB) -Someshwer Mandir Ward No.19 19 73095
20 Rishikesh (MB) -Ganganagar Ward No.20 20 73096
21 Rishikesh (MB) -Upper Ganganagar Ward No.21 21 1296830
22 Rishikesh (MB) -Shastrinagar Ward No.22 22 1296831
23 Rishikesh (MB) -Serwaharanagar Ward No.23 23 1296832
24 Rishikesh (MB) -Bharat Vihaar Ward No.24 24 1296833
25 Rishikesh (MB) -Awas Vikas Ward No.25 25 1296834
26 Rishikesh (MB) -Shivaji Nagar Ward No.26 26 1296835
27 Rishikesh (MB) -Bairaj Ward No.27 27 1296836
28 Rishikesh (MB) -Veerbhadra Mandir Ward No.28 28 1296837
29 Rishikesh (MB) -20 Beega Ward No.29 29 1296838
30 Rishikesh (MB) -Meeranagar Ward No.30 30 1296839
31 Rishikesh (MB) -Bapugram Ward No.31 31 1296840
32 Rishikesh (MB) -Suman Vihaar Ward No.32 32 1296841
33 Rishikesh (MB) -Geeta Nagar Ward No.33 33 1296842
34 Rishikesh (MB) -Malviya Nagar Ward No.34 34 1296843
35 Rishikesh (MB) -Amit Gram (Purv) Ward No.35 35 1296844
36 Rishikesh (MB) -Amit Gram (Pashchim) Ward No.36 36 1296845
37 Rishikesh (MB) -Mansha Devi Ward No.37 37 1296846
38 Rishikesh (MB) -Indira Nagar Ward No.38 38 1296847
39 Rishikesh (MB) -Nehru Gram Ward No.39 39 1296848
40 Rishikesh (MB) -THDC Ward No.40 40 1296849

Steps for Rishikesh MC Property/ House Tax Payment Online

Rishikesh MC Property/House Tax is Paid Online at the official page of the Rishikesh Nagar Nigam @nagarnigamrishikesh.com. To Pay the Online Property Tax, follow the step-by-step procedure below;

  1. Visit the official website of the Rishikesh Municipal Corporation, i.e. https://www.nagarnigamrishikesh.com/
  2. OR you can also visit the Nagarseva Utrakhand Portal, where all municipalities fill out the Property Tax.
  3. You can also search the link- @nagarnigamrishikesh.com.
  4. On the homepage, there is the option of Property Tax. Click on it.
  5. Then, a new interface will be opened, here choose the ULB/City and then Enter Existing Unique Property.
  6. You can also enter the
  7. Now you will reach out to the next stage, where you will get the complete Property details and Property Tax Details.
  8. After that, look at the Property Tax details and annual property Tax amount as per the financial year.
  9. Then, calculate the tax amount and click on the proceed button.
  10. After that, you have to choose the payment method and click on the Proceed to Pay button.
  11. Now you can pay the Property Tax amount. After the confirmation click on the Print Receipt button to download the receipt.

Nagar Nigam Rishikesh Property/ House Tax Payment via Offline

Let us tell you that, Property Tax or House Tax is a local tax levied by municipal authorities for maintaining civic amenities in your area and is paid by the occupier of that property. It is paid to the Local Bodies of the city. In Rishikesh, the Property Tax is collected by the Rishikeshb Municipal Corporation or Rishikesh Nagar Nigam. The Property tax in Rishikesh is paid online or offline. In the Offline method, people have to follow the traditional process. You have just requested the Property Tax Form and you can also download it from the official website.

So, go to the Municipal Office of your City and obtain the Property Tax return Form, then fill out the complete details like property ownership details and other personal details. Then calculate the Property Tax and submit the Form at the Municipality office. Now, make payments in cash and credit systems. Then, you will get the confirmation SMS & Email. Make sure to get your Property tax Receipt for future reference. The detail required at the Tiemof Rishikesh Property Tax Payment Online/ Offline is given below-

  • Assessment Number ( Unique number for the said property )
  • Old Assessment Number ( previous number through which tax was paid )
  • Owner Name
  • Address of the property
  • Aadhaar card

Contact Details of Rishikesh Nagar Nigam

  • Rishikesh Nagar Nigam
  • Office Address:- Nagar Nigam, Haridwar Road Near Kohli market, Rishikesh. Distt. Dehradun, Pin-249201.
  • Email ID:- [email protected]
  • Phone Number:- 0135-2430015
  • TOLL FREE NO:- 1800-3135-292
  • Official Webiste:- www.nagarnigamrishikesh.com

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