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The city of Mohali is in the Punjab region of India. The Municipal Corporation Mohali (MCM) also known as the Municipal Corporation SAS Nagar is the Civic body that governs the City of Mohali. Amarjeet Singh Sidhu is the current Mayor of Mohali. In total, there are 50 wards in this municipal corporation. The Municipal Corporation of Mohali allows its residents to pay taxes online as well as offline. To know more details about How to Pay Mohali Property/ House Tax Online at the official site along with the other Payment mode of MC Mohali details, kindly go through the complete article below.

Mohali Property/ House Tax Payment Online

As per the Municipality Act, Property tax is calculated on the annual rental value of the Property. Property tax can be defined as the annual amount paid by the land owner to the Municipal Corporation of the said area. It can also be defined as the tax based on the Area, Construction, and property size of the building. Property tax may also comprise lighting, water tax, and drainage tax.

Property tax in Mohali is calculated:

  • Property Tax => Present Rate of Property+ Construction Cost-Depreciation (10 Percent of the Construction Cost.
  • Note: 5 percent of the total cost is taken as the Annual Cost and 0.5% tax is charged on that particular annual cost.
  • 7.5% Annual Tax is imposed he Residential Rented Property and 10 percent on rented Commercial and Industrial Property.

Property Tax Exemptions:

Nagar Panchayats, Widows, and disabled persons can get a refund for Rs 5000. Land measuring 125 square yards and property dimension of 500 square feet do not have to pay property tax. Schools hospitals, and heritage centers are also exempted from paying property tax.

While entering the details the owner has to make sure that he is entering all the details properly to avoid any discrepancies. In addition to property tax if the resident owner has not paid his water bill and sewer bill he can also explore the website section and pay the tax accordingly.

How to Pay Mohali Property/ House Tax Online

  1. Visit the official website of MMC i.e.
  2. Once you visit the page Click on the “User Search” button you will then be redirected to a new page.How to Pay Mohali Property-House Tax Online at, Payment MC Mohali
  3. You need to click on the Financial Year, house/ SCO/ SCF number. You need to then search your UID number and again select the financial year and enter Property UID only.
  4. Then click on the Search button to check your exact tax amount.
  5. Click on the select link to the search grid you will then be directed to the assessment form.
  6. You then need to fill in the assessment form properly and if any details you need to rectify if entered wrong.
  7. Once all the relevant details are entered properly you then need to click on the Pay Now button.
  8. Selethe ct mode of Payment online.
  9. In case one needs to visit the office One has to select MC Challan and visit the Municipal Corporation office to make the payment in cash. Working hours 10 am0am 3 pm 3 pm.
  10. The Property owners should take the print of the receipt for future reference.

Other Modes of MC Mohali Property Tax Payment

Self-Assessment mode:

The owners can also download the form of self-assessment of property tax from the website.

Tax Collection Camps:

Property owners can also visit the Municipal corporation office to pay their taxes. On 14th June 2023, Mohali Municipal Corporation organized a camp in Phase 7 Community Centre for property tax collection. Last year Campuses were also organized by the Municipal Authority so that the residents find it easy to deposit property tax.

Property Tax Through Mobile App:

The Mohali Municipal Corporation in the past had also launched the payment of property tax by using smartphones through a special mobile phone application wherein the residents could download the application from the Play Store and then using their UID (unique identification number ) could access all records to their property.  The owners should keep themselves updated regarding such news.

Municipal Corporation Mohali (MCM) – Conclusion

Paying Property tax promptly is very important for every owner. Revenue collected from these taxes helps in maintaining gardens, green belt maintenance, and garbage areas near the city. The Municipal Corporation body time to time offers discounts to encourage property owners to pay tax. For example, last year only a 10 percent discount was offered to all the property owners to pay property tax on or before 30th September.

As per the latest Government figures, Mohali recorded Punjab’s highest property tax collection in the year 2022-23. The Corporation had collected a revenue of Rs 34 Core and they target to collect Rs 35 crore in the current Financial Year 2023-2024.

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