How to Pay MCD Property/ House Tax Online Login, Check Property Tax Dues

Property Tax is one of the Primary Sources of Revenue for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi which is vital for the Development and maintenance of the city. It is levied on the owners of properties in Delhi based on the valuation of their property. The tax rate and valuation are determined by various factors, including the property’s location, usage, and age. Therefore MCD wishes to provide a transparent and Accountable service to the citizens of Delhi through the use of Information Technology. Here we share the information about How to Pay MCD Property/ House Tax Online including Check Property Tax Dues Payment and Login details.

How to Pay MCD Property/ House Tax Online

Below is the step-by-step procedure to Pay MCD Property/ House Tax online;

  • First step get Registered on the MCD Portal under whose name the property is registered.
  • To update the owner details one needs to generate the UPIC Code unique identification number.How to Pay MCD Property-House Tax Online at Login
  • Click On Online Services. Select Zone and click the search button. Pay property tax.
    1. Zone
    2. Ward
    3. Colony
  • ¬†First-time UPIC users at the Bottom of the Page click on New User Signup/ Registration.
    1. A new Form will Open.
    2. First-time Numbusersnd Otp. Ten fill-in Rest of the details Name
    3. Father Name
    4. Mobile No
    5. EnA new the Captcha
    6. Enter your Mobile number and OTP will be generated and verified. Enter your email id. and then submit
    7. The message will pop up on the Page.
  • Once a user successfully registered, Welcome Verified Tax Online Service Portal.
  • Only first-time USERS need to follow these steps.
  • In the future, once your name is registered with your mobile number you can easily first-time login into your Account and enter your registered Mobile Number. Click on Login. a Property Login Account.

Procedure for MCD Property/ House Tax Payment Online

View Property Click on the Action Button.

Sr No


Property Type

Owner Type

Owner Name





Also, You can edit the details. Different options mention 3rd Option. Pay Tax. Select Financial Year and click Submit. In case you need to modify. Payment gateway option you need to choose. Click on Pay Now.

The first timing e-user Process is mentioned below.

  • The property tax icon will open.
  • The message will pop up.

So far you have not registered any Property on the website. Register the property (CLICK ON THAT)

  • Search for UPIC.
  • Apply for NEW UPIC.
  • Select Ownership Category (Single or Joint owner.)
  • Property Category (Industrial/Residential) other option according to
  • Owner rebate (senior citizen/women/online rebate.
  • Upload Documents (should be less than 2 MB)
  • Example (sales deed /conveyance dead) Declaration
  • Click on Save and then click on the Submit button.
  • UPIC NUMBER IS REGISTERED. Login – Check Property Tax Dues

View Property Click on the Action Button.

  • 2nd option edit property details, first time users
  • Need to fill in the form
  • Land Areas Details
  • Covered Area (Ground Cover Area)
  • Select Property Types

And the rest of the details need to be filled;

  • Exemption if anything is related as per the options mentioned otherwise choose No Exemption
  • Add a Button (depending on the floors Ground floor or First Floor)
  • Fill the rest of the details in the form.
  • At the end Click on Save and Next.
  • Once all the details are filled in Click on Final Submit.

The message will pop like this “Your Property and Owner Detail Saved Successfully. You can now proceed with Tax Calculation and Payment.” SELECT FINANCIAL YEAR AND PAY TAX.

THEN CLICK ON THE SUBMIT Button. An Interface property tax calculation will be prepared accordingly. Like ownership rebate or Lump sum Rebate Net Tax Payable. Pay tax button. Any payment gateway can be chosen. After successful payment. You will be redirected to the MCD portal. One can also download the Receipt for Payment.


Properly Managing and Understanding the calculation of MCD tax is very important for every property owner in Delhi. With the convenience of online payments calculating the online tax is very easy now. Timely payment of MCD tax is every responsibility of the citizens of Delhi and it also contributes to the development of the city.

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