Municipal Corporation Phagwara File Your Property Tax Return Online

As a Responsible citizen of the Country, it is important to pay property /house tax online on time to the respective Municipal Corporation. Residents who own property whether it is Residential or Commercial have to file for Property tax returns with the Phagwara Municipal Corporation. Phagwara is a city and a Municipal Corporation in the Kapurthula district in Punjab India. The City lies on the National Highway 44 and is located 40 kilometers from Kapurthula. Phagwara city is famous for Sugar, glucose, starch, fine, fabric textile mills, and auto parts manufacturing for engines in Punjab. The Property owners must provide information about all the new construction or existing construction and improvements to the property must be provided to the respective Department. Let’s check the process of the Phagwara Municipal Corporation File Property Tax Return along with the House Tax Online Payment through this post below.

Phagwara Municipal Corporation File Property Tax Return

Let us tell you that “Phagwara Municipal Corporation” has launched a one-time settlement scheme for all property tax buyers. The Property tax scheme states that if the taxpayer pays the due principal amount of property tax by December 31st, 2024 the interest and penalty on the principal amount will be waived. If the taxpayers pay the amount after December 31st, 2024 but before March 31st, 2025 then the taxpayers will get a waiver of only 50% and if the taxpayers fail to make the payment even before March 31st, there will be no waiver on interest amount and penalty.

The Phagwara Municipal is divided into 3 categories Category A, Category B and Category C. Phagwara Municipality comes under Category B category. The Property tax on Residential Properties is levied on residential properties which are above 125 square yards and flats of 50 square yards and above. Rs 1-2 square yards is applicable on Properties under Category B. In terms of Commercial Properties, Rs 1.5-3 per square yard is applicable on properties under category B.

Following is the formula to calculate Property tax for Phagwara Municipal Corporation:

Property Tax => Ready Reckoner Rate of Property + Construction Cost (Rs 500 per square feet) – Depreciation (10 percent of construction Cost)

Procedure for Phagwara MC Property/ House Tax Payment Online

Please refer to the steps below on How to Pay Phagwara MC Property/ House Tax Online;

  1. Navigate to the official web portal of Phagwara MC or directly click on the link here =>
  2. You need to first click on the Sign-in button on the right-hand side and then enter your username or password.
  3. If you have not registered then register by clicking on the Register button.Municipal Corporation Phagwara File Your Property Tax Return Online @mcphagwara
  4. Once you log in as a User a separate window will open up under the Select Existing Property Related and Payment option.
  5. Here enter the required information and click on the “Search Property” tab.
  6. The user has to select a respective record to reach the next page.
  7. When you reach the new page you will have to enter your mobile number and email ID and select the check box Self Declaration Agreement it will Show tax and Arrears.
  8. On the next page, the Property tax to be paid will be displayed.
  9. Please click on the Pay Online button at the bottom.
  10. A Transaction ID will be generated for the Proof of the Transaction.
  11. You will then be directed to the Payment gateway users have to select their preferred choice of payment (Debit/ Credit or Net Banking).
  12. The Taxpayer has to take the print copy of the Receipt and keep it saved for Future Reference.

Rebate & Exemptions On Property Tax Phagwara Municipal Corporation

Property Tax Phagwara, Punjab online check is available on the official site The Phagwara Municipal Corporation provides property tax waivers or rebates to various institutions and properties. Here are the properties that fall under the rebate umbrella;

  1. Exempted Establishments:- Religious places, street animal care centers, heritage buildings, cow shelters, nursing homes, ex-servicemen establishments, municipal-controlled properties, government hospitals, government universities, schools, community clinics, agricultural land, horticultural land, and orphanages are exempted from paying property tax in Punjab.
  2. Nagar Panchayats:- Newly included municipalities, known as Nagar Panchayats, are also exempted from property taxes.
  3. Small Land Size Exemption:- Owners of any land measuring 125 square yards or less and property dimensions of 500 square feet or less do not have to pay property tax in Punjab.
  4. Rebate for Widows and Disabled Individuals:- Widows and disabled people are eligible for a tax refund of approximately Rs. 5000.

Phagwara Municipal Corporation Property Tax via Offline Payment

If you wish to pay the Property Tax offline you can visit the Municipal Corporation office and make the payment through cheque, Demand Draft, or Cash. ICICI Bank is one of the authorized banks where you can visit the bank and make the payment. You can also call the number mentioned here: 01824 260426

Contact Address: 6Q89+CM8, Grand Trunk Rd, Indra Nagar, Model Town, Phagwara, Punjab – 144401

Property Tax Inspector;

  • Jaswinder Bhalla: 94642-36835
  • Shashi Bala: 98762-41205
  • Surinder Pal (C): 99159-09494
  • Rattan Lal (C): 98147-60780

If you own a Residential or Commercial Property it is mandatory to pay Property Tax. By Timely paying Property Tax, you are also contributing to the Social Welfare development of the city.

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