Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation File Property-House Tax Return Online

Mangalagiri Municipal Corporation is the civic body that governs the city of Mangalagiri and Tadepalle in the Mangalagiri Assembly constituency in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest Municipal Corporation after Greater Vishakhapatnam Municipal Corporation. It was established in the year 1969. Apart from Property tax collection, the Municipal corporation is also responsible for the internal roads, supply of electricity, and sewage management.

The Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration Government of Andhra Pradesh is the main authority which is responsible for the Collection of Property tax for the Mangalagiri and Tadepili Municipal Corporations as both cities are part of the Guntur District. Now let’s see How to File Property/ House Tax Returns online for these 2 cities and calculate the taxes.

Mangalagiri Tadepalli MC File Property-House Tax Return Online

Below check the step-by-step process for Property Tax Online Payment for Mangalgiri and Tadepali Municipal Corporation:-

  1. Navigate to the official web portal by clicking the link here
  2. Scroll Down on the web page and then click on the Online Payment option.
  3. Click on the “Property Tax” button.Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation File Property-House Tax Return Online
  4. Once you reach the next page Select District as Guntur.
  5. Scroll Down and Select Municipal Corporation as Mangalgiri or Tadepali.
  6. Next to payment type click on Submit Button.
  7. On the next page, you have to enter your Assessment number, Old Assessment Number, Owner Name, and Door Number and then click on Search.
  8. You will be able to see your Due Amount against your Property Details.
  9. Select the mode of Payment and Complete the Payment transaction by using a debit or credit card or any online mode of payment.

How to Calculate Property Tax Online in Mangalagiri Tadepalli MC?

In case you wish to Calculate the Property Tax online please refer to the steps below:-

  • Go to the same official web website of
  • On the main menu Bar, you will be able to see the Online Services Option.
  • Click on the same. Under the Property Tax button icon click on Property Tax Calculator Option.
  • Once You Reach the next page Select the Category of Ownership whether Private, Central Government, or Private.
  • Scroll down You then have to select Habitation, IGRS Ward, IGRS Locality, and Door Number.
  • Next, Select the floor, Nature of Usage, and other details mentioned there.
  • Click on the Calculate Bottom at the bottom.
  • Toward the end of the page, you will be able to see the Total Property Tax for the year that you have selected.

Benefits of Online Property Tax Payment

Property Tax forms an Important Source of Revenue for the Municipal Corporation. The Amount of Property tax is determined based on factors such as Property Size, Location Type, and Assessed Value. Now let’s look at the Benefits of Paying Property tax online:-

  1. Convenient Method => Online Property Tax payment offers flexibility and convenience on the part of the Property owners as they don’t have to visit the Municipal Corporation office they can complete the payment from their Office or Home. You can also download the Tax receipt and know your Property dues in advance.
  2. Saves Time => With an Online Mode of Payment, payment is quick and fast which can save a lot of Manual Paperwork on Administrative Procedures.
  3. Transparency => Online Property tax payment offers a lot of Transparency as one can easily calculate the Property tax online, File for self-assessment, or make payment for Mutation.
  4. Accessibility => In Comparison with offline property tax payments, you can make Payment Online Property tax payments during weekdays or weekends or even during Holidays.
  5. Security => Online Property tax payments are normally secure with Proper Encryption and authentication tools to safeguard users from Financial fraud and ensure all Transactions are smooth.


The Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation also offers other Modes of Property Tax payment which Include.

  1. Meeseva Online/ AP Online.
  2. Puraseva App.
  3. —- Citizen Services—– Payments.

NOTE:- The Tax Payers must pay Property/ House Tax on time to avoid any penalty.

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