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Kozhikode is one of the Largest Cities in the state of Kerala. The Municipal Corporation of Kozhikode is the municipality body which is responsible for the city of Kerala state. The Kozhikode Municipal Corporation was formed to improve the infrastructure of the town. In total, there are 75 seats in the Municipal Corporation. The Corporation is headed by a Mayor and Council. The Kozhikode Municipal Corporation uses Sanchaya an egovernance application software to help users to pay Property tax online. If you want to know the process of Kozhikode Municipal Corporation Property Tax Online Payment then keep scrolling down this page below.

Kozhikode Municipal Corporation Property Tax Payment

Sanchaya is an e-governance portal provided by the Kerala government, which efficiently facilitates property tax management. It is a comprehensive portal for the Revenue and License System in local governments of Kerala, enabling efficient revenue collection, tracking of licenses, and maintenance of records. If you own any property/ land within Kozhikode city then you will be liable to pay the property/ house tax to the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation (KMC). Paying property tax online is easy and convenient through the online portal at  https://kozhikodecorporation.lsgkerala.gov.in/en/e-Payment.

NOTE:- One of the best features of Kozhikode Municipal Corporation is the user-friendly Online Portal which even allows users to make Property Tax Payment without completing the registration.

Procedure for Kozhikode MC Building/ Land Tax Online Payment

Now let’s look at the process How to Pay Property Tax Online for Kozhikode Municipal Corporation;

  1. Navigate to the official website of Kozhikode Municipal Corporation by clicking on the link here => https://kozhikodecorporation.lsgkerala.gov.in/en/e-Payment
  2. Once you reach the web page, Click on the “Property Tax” icon under the e-Payment option.Kozhikode Municipal Corporation Property Tax Online Payment @kozhikodecorporation.lsgkerala.gov
  3. You will directed to a new page under that Click on Quick Pay.
  4. On the next page under Quick Payment Options Select District Name Kozhikode, Local Body Type Gram panchayat, Local Body Name, and Choose Ward Year, and then Click on Search.
  5. Similarly, you can pay the Building Permit/ Tax online through this online portal.

Download Property Tax Receipt for Kozhikode Municipal Corporation

  • Go to the same official website at kozhikodecorporation.lsgkerala.gov.in/en/e-Payment
  • Then click on the Property Tax button under the e-Payment icon.
  • You will directed to a new page under that Click on Quick Pay.
  • On the next page Click on Quick Pay Transaction History.
  • Once you reach the next page enter your Email id and Mobile Number and then Click on Search.
  • The property tax payment status will be displayed. Users can download the quick payment receipt for Kozhikode property tax.

How to Check Reports @kozhikodecorporation.lsgkerala.gov.in

  1. Visit the official website of Sanchaya, Revenue and License, Govt of Kerala by clicking on the link here; https://tax.lsgkerala.gov.in/epayment/
  2. Then Click on Payment for Users Enter your Username and Password Enter the text as shown below and then Login.
  3. Select the type of report from the dropdown. Reports may include payment history, pending bills, and other property-tax details.
  4. Users can customize their report by choosing a date range or other parameters.
  5. Next, click on ‘Generate’ or ‘View Report’.
  6. Then the report will be generated and can be downloaded to your device.

Steps to Pay Property Tax for Kozhikode MC through Offline Mode

In case you want to Pay Property Tax through the offline method you can visit the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation and make the payment either by cash, cheque, or Demand Draft.

  • Kozhikode Municipal Corporation
  • Address: Calicut Beach, Near Akashvani, Kozhikode, Kerala – 673032
  • Phone Number: 0495-2365040
  • Email ID: [email protected]


Paying Property or House Tax is a legal obligation and a means of fulfilling civic responsibility as a Property owner in India. By paying property tax on time, you can contribute to funding local infrastructure, support community development, and support fairness in the distribution of resources. It is therefore important to recognize the importance of property tax payments and fulfill their obligation promptly to contribute to the well-being and progress of your local community.

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