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Hooghly Chinsurah Municipal Corporation was formally established in the year 1865. The property tax is paid twice a year. The Corporation allows its citizens to pay taxes online as well as offline. To file a property tax return you need to fill out an application form for self-assessment of property tax return which you can avail of from any circle office of the corporation. This corporation can collect property tax on all properties covered under its jurisdiction. The concerned officer of the corporation issues an assessment number and property ID to file a property tax return. It is a unique identification number that is used to pay property/ house taxes.

Hooghly Chinsurah MC Property/ House Tax Payment

The property tax or house tax is imposed on the owners of properties by the municipal authorities. The reason for collecting the house tax is to spend the collected amount on the maintenance of roads, footpaths, parks, and sewer systems among others. Now let’s look at the benefits of Paying Property/ House Tax online;

  1. Convenience factor:- The online Tax payment process allows Taxpayers to pay from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones or computers. This accessibility significantly reduces the time and effort involved, making it easier for everyone to meet their tax obligations.
  2. Enhanced Security and Transparent Transaction:- While making Online transactions Financial Security is very important. Encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure payment gateways ensure that personal data remains confidential, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities. It also Promotes Transparency in the Taxation Process.
  3. Timely Acknowledgement and Faster Processing:- With online tax payment, taxpayers receive instant acknowledgment once their payment is made. This immediate confirmation provides peace of mind and proves compliance for future reference it also facilitates quicker processing of tax payments, ensuring that funds reach the government faster
  4. Increase in Revenue Collection and Compliance:- Easy and faster payment of taxes plays a significant role in boosting the revenue of the Municipal Corporation. When tax payment becomes hassle-free, more individuals will willingly comply with their tax obligations. Tax authorities can use this information to gain insights into taxpayer behavior, identify potential areas of non-compliance, and design more effective tax policies.

Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality Property-House Tax Online Payment @holdingtax.co.in

Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality Property/ House Tax Online Payment

Now let’s see what are the steps to pay the Property/ House Tax Online in Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality. The property owners can easily pay their taxes online on the official site at hcm.net.in Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality.

  1. Click on the official website link here; https://holdingtax.co.in/
  2. On the web homepage, click on Property Tax Online (Citizen Entry Button).
  3. Next, please enter the Following Details to Proceed.
  4. Select District as Hooghly, Ward, Location, ULB, and enter your Holding number.
  5. You can See your Property Bill payment.
  6. Click on Payment by Selecting the Online mode of Payment through your preferred choice and complete the payment process.

Steps to Download Tax Payment Receipt @KMC Portal

If you wish to Download the Tax Payment Receipt please refer to the steps below:-

  • Navigate to the wburbanservices.gov.in Know Property Tax Online Portal i.e. https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/jsp/LOIDuplicateReceipt.jsp
  • In case it doesn’t open again refresh the same.
  • Next step Select the Receipt date from and to and Enter the Assesse Number.
  • Then click on Search Receipt.
  • Verify your Details and Print the Receipt.

Procedure to Apply for E Mutation in Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality

Now Let’s See how to Apply for E Mutation @KMC Portal.gov.in:-

  1. Visit the official website i.e. https://wburbanservices.org/
  2. Scroll Down Click on the E mutation Icon below.
  3. Select Citizen Services and the Login with your User Name and Password.
  4. In case you don’t have you need to signup by clicking the button below.
  5. Next, Enter your Property Details and Click on the Submit Button.

Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality  House Tax Offline Mode of Payment

Resident owners who find it difficult to pay the tax online can also make the payment by visiting the office below. They have to carry their Aadhar card, property ID, and other Relevant Documents for verification.

  • Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality,
  • Address: Mahendra Mitra Road, Post office and District Hooghly, Pipulpati, PS Chisurah,
  • Pin Code: 712103
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 033 2680-2319 / 2899

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