Faridabad Property Tax Payment Online: How to Pay MCF Faridabad House Tax Online

Faridabad is one of the most important cities of Haryana and also part of the Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region). Property Tax Online can be an efficient and convenient way to pay Tax. ULB Haryana property tax is an annual tax levied on properties across Haryana. The Haryana government has released a new circular wherein the taxpayers need to self-certify their property IDs before making the payment online. To know more about Faridabad Property Tax Payment Online or offline modes, kindly read this article to the end. Here in this post, we have shared all the details related to How to Pay MCF Faridabad House Tax Online.

Faridabad Property Tax Payment Online

Property tax is an important part of revenue for the Municipal Corporation as the revenue collected from here can be used to fund public services like the development of Roads, Schools, public hospitals, etc. The Property Tax also differs from one location to another but one needs to understand the specific rules and regulations that apply to the property. To self-certify your property visit the official website @ulbhryndc.org and enter your mobile number then log in. On the bottom of the page click on Self Certify. In this portal, owners can easily pay their property or house tax online and also download the payment receipt for the same.

How to Pay MCF Faridabad House Tax Online?

To Pay the MCF Property/ House Tax online payment certain steps need to be followed;

Faridabad Property Tax Payment Online - How to Pay MCF Faridabad House Tax Online

  1. Visit the official website of the Urban Local Bodies Department, Haryana i.e. ulbhryndc.org.
  2. Or directly click here => https://online.ulbharyana.gov.in/eforms/PropertyTax.aspx
  3. If you are a Registered user log in with your registered mobile number. Choose citizen from the Login Type drop-down list.
  4. Then click here to view and Pay Property Tax. Click on New User Registration.
  5. A new page will open fill rest of the details and it will be sent for verification.
  6. On the right-hand side of the page, English and Hindi options will be mentioned. You need to choose the language of your preference.
  7. A New Page will open, Select Municipality Faridabad, Colony. Category (Commercial or Residential) if one has the property ID directly add the property ID box below. Then press search.
  8. You need to check the final amount and then click on the payment part and pay your taxes. One needs to make sure that you download the receipt for future records.

MCF Faridabad Property/ House Tax Offline Mode of Payment

1) For People who are unable to pay the property tax online, one has to visit the nearest Municipal Corporation office near his or her area.

2) Documents required to be carried include Aadhar Card, Property papers, and Address Proof. Once the documents are verified by the relevant authorities you can make the payment at the payment counter of the ward office.

3) It is advisable to collect the receipt after successful payment for any future references.

4) Property Tax in Faridabad is calculated on various factors which include;

  1. Age of the Property.
  2. Property Location.
  3. Depreciation of the property.
  4. Municipal Ward.
  5. Whether Property is Residential or Commercial.
  6. Rate per square foot.

Property Tax Calculation & Exemptions

Faridabad property tax is calculated by multiplying the property’s built-up area by the property age factor, the base value of the property, the kind of building, the category of use, and the floor factor. The interest rate on property tax typically ranges from 5 to 10 percent respectively

The Government of Haryana has exempted some properties for which tax may not be levied these properties include;

  1. Agriculture lands and buildings owned by the state or the union government.
  2. Buildings or properties that are used for public worship, schools or hostels, and hospitals.
  3. Properties that are owned by physically handicapped persons and properties that are owned by political parties recognized by the Election Commission of India.


The deadline for the online property tax payment was  July 30 this year. Late payment can incur a penalty of 1.5% interest per month. The government sometimes also offers concessions for example this year it offered a concession of around 5 percent for owners who will pay the taxes before July 31st. Paying Property taxes on time is very essential for the betterment of society as it ensures the smooth functioning of Civic amenities.

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